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The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas
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Available on DVD and Prime Video.

The Cast of Voices

Narrator / The Bolt
Jonathan Harris

While famous for his character of Dr. Smith on the TV series Lost In Space, Harris also contributed his voice work to many projects including the original Battlestar Galactica (Lucifer) as well as A Bugs Life and Toy Story 2.

Cindi Loose Screw
Tress MacNeille

You've probably heard Tress without even knowing it. From The Simpsons to Futurama you can hear her voice everywhere. Also known for playing Dot in the Animaniacs her list of voices is too long to post here. Check her out on IMDB

The Ratchet Family
Angela Cartwright
You might know her as Penny on the TV series Lost in Space but did you know that Angela was in The Sound of Music? Angela is also an accomplished artist.
Marta Kristen
Marta played Judy on Lost In Space and has a long list of credits from feature films and TV appearances.
Bill Mumy

As a child actor Bill is famous for many roles including Will on Lost In Space and Anthony in the Twilight Zone episode"It's a Good Life". In the 90's Bill played Lennier in the Sci Fi series Babylon 5. He is also a musician.

Film Credits

Produced, Written, and Directed by
John Wardlaw

Animations By
Adny Angrand

Sound Effects
Brett Tyrrell

Original Score
Gary Stockdale

Opening and Closing Title Music

Special Thanks
David Goudsward
Michael "Brutus" Wilcox
Specialty Tool and Bolt

Recording Studios
Woodholly Productions
Davis Glick Productions

Edited in Final Cut Pro &
Mixed in Digital Performer By
John Wardlaw


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