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Bolt who screwed Christmas

The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas - Animated Short (7 Min) 2009

"The Bolt" screened in 30 film festivals (USA, Australia, France). Awards included: Best Animated Comedy - Dragon*Con 2010, Best Animated Short Comedy - The Indie Gathering 2011, Audience Choice Award - Faux Film Festival 2011. Read More

Available on DVD and Prime Video.


Resurrection - Animated Short (2 Min) 2014

Narrated by Gary Anthony Williams, Resurrection is a Faux Film Trailer of Biblical Proportion. Animated by Adny Angrand and Cyndi Foster who also animated "The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas".

Official Selection of the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2014.

Read More and watch the film


Happy (Pharrell Williams) In the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

I volunteered my time to shoot and edit this PSA for the SB Botanic Garden. Guests, volunteers and staff danced to the song Happy in various places within the garden.

Watch the video

no not the chicken

NO! Not the Chicken!!! - Animated Short

A nerd phones Hell and pesters Satan! There are concequences.

The audio for this short was an improvised sketch that ended up on the Anti-M CD "No Waves In Hell".

Read more and watch the film...

five year photo

Five Year Photo - A Picture Perfect Friendship (Documentary)

Current project based on five friends that have taken the same photo every five years for the past 30+ years. The story had more than 57 million hits on in 2012. The 5 guys were on the Today Show and even did a live Satellite broadcast on Australia's Sunrise program. In 2017 the photo series went viral once more with appearances on Inside Edition and Australia's Sunrise.

The documentary will explore how these five friends have kept their friendship alive for so many years.

into the rain

Into The Rain - Music Video

This project was fun for me because I not only directed the video but I wrote the music and lyrics as well. From the Anti-M CD Damage

Winner of Best Music Video in the 2011 Ventura Film Festival.
Background images by Adny Angrand.

Read More and watch the video...

chessmaster theatre

Chessmaster Theatre - Animated Short

Stop Action Animation shot on 16mm film.

Premiered in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, won a Telly Award for Animation and then toured with the Spike and Mike Festival Of Animation.

Read More and watch the film...


chessmaster Theatre II

Chessmaster Theatre: Bloody Revenge - Animated Short

Stop Action Animation shot on 16mm film.

Toured with the Spike and Mike Festival of Sick and Twisted Animation.

Read More and watch the film...


you only die once

You Only Die Once (A James Bond Spoof) Feature 83 Min

A film (yes "film", not video) that we made when we were film students. Made for fun we were very surprised when we sold it to Netflix.

A film so cheap you can't afford to miss it.


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